About Patricia

My experience with Myofascial Release began as a client. At the time I was on long term disability from my job as a Senior Project Manager at a tech company. I was suffering from chronic fatigue, chronic moderate to severe post-traumatic stress disorder along with symptoms of neck and low back pain, allergies, and asthma. Some of these I had suffered with for 16 years.

My sister Heather, a myofascial release therapist, knew I needed this treatment and she loaned me John Barnes book on myofascial release Healing Ancient Wounds: A Renegade's Wisdom. As I read the book, I realized that he was explaining things I knew were true, but that I had not found in all the research I had done to help heal myself.

I then attended a 2 week intensive at John's treatment facility in Sedona, Arizona. I was treated 3 times a day for 10 days, allowing a crucial shift out of my old patterns that were preventing me from healing. On my return home, I became sick for 10 days while my body processed the physical, emotional and belief system shifts I had just made. After that, month by month, I began to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally, than I had in many, many years.

I knew there was more work to be done and that I could feel even better so, 9 months later, I returned to Sedona for a 1 week follow up intensive. While there, I had the realization that I needed to do this work for others. I wanted to give others the chance to heal that I had been given. I wanted others to feel as good as I did!

I then completed 2 years of study, became a registered massage therapist and began my career as a myofascial release therapist in 2007. I continue to get regular treatment and training from John Barnes and his team of advanced therapists. You can always feel better!

I am forever grateful to John for giving me my life back. Thank you John!

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