About Heather

I started my journey into the healing arts in 1997 after graduating from the massage therapy program in London, Ontario. Shortly after, in 2000, I found my calling in Myofascial Release Therapy, which quickly became my sole focus. 


My practice has evolved over the past two decades to become what it is today - a deep dive into the soul of healing. 


“You can only take your patients as far as you have been yourself”. Those are the words of my mentor, John F. Barnes, that have stuck with me over the years as I moved through my own healing journey. As I delved deeper into my own wounds and uncovered layer upon layer of my own trauma, I began to see the healing of my clients evolve beyond just the symptoms in their bodies. A deep healing on the soul level began to occur as well. They started to embody the true meaning of authentic healing. 


My wish for every person that comes into the treatment room is to not just feel relief from physical and emotional pain, but to discover a deeper connection with themselves and the power within them to heal, body, mind and Soul. What has been lacking in the medical route is the melding of all aspects of what makes us human. Even within the well known model of mind/body therapy there has been an essential piece missing and that is the life force we call Soul. Only when we bring all of these aspects of ourselves together within a safe compassionate space, can authentic healing occur. 


What my sister Patricia and I have to offer is not only a wealth of academic knowledge, but a whole lifetime of experience of walking the path of healing. It is truly a blessing to be able to bring all that we have learned to whomever has been called to enter. 

12214 Tecumseh Rd E (near Lesperance), Tecumseh, ON, N8N 1L9, Canada   •   Tel: 519-979-2154   •   e-mail: quantumhealing1@gmail.com

Chatham Office:
Heather Cornell, RMT, 137 King Street West, Chatham   •  Tel: 519-397-9222   •   e-mail: quantumhealing@me.com